Is Japan’s Economy On The Right Track To Recovery?

With the vast number of losses that occurred in the 2008 global financial crisis, Japan is now showing confidence within their economy status which has been seen rising from its collapse, since the global financial crisis. Economist and analysts said that Japan is predicted to have a better economy growth this year, which is backed up with the financial developments that have occurred since late-2016. Economists have also said that Japan will see its economy growth this year on the back of the weak yen and government steps to stimulate sluggish competition.

Surveys and Statistics

In relevance to these events, last month—April 2017, statistics revealed that the Bank of Japan has maintained its economic assessment on eight of the country’s (Japan) nine regions, which shows a greater development compared to what the surveys have shown three months ago, with the addition of lifting its assessments for one area.

This gives a positive impression that Japan’s economy is smoothly recovering from their losses since the 2008 global financial crisis. This surveys and statistics not only shows the country’s development, but also indicates Japan’s moderate yet steady progresses. Making way for opportunities and developments that will help boost the country’s economy.

In accordance to these given statements, surveys also indicate some of the positive aspects of Japan’s current economy. As with Reuters, which happens to track the quarterly tankan of the bank of Japan, indicated—as shown on their monthly poll, the assurance at service-sector firms which hit a three-month high; a sign that projects the country’s economic growth and recovery.

On the other hand, with the number of unclear factors that surrounds the global economic situation; as what economists and analysts have said: Japan is going to have a positive outlook and development with their economic status this year. This does not only give the country the assurance of developing a financial recovery from their economy, but will also open doors for progress and development for Japan itself.


With the positive insights and as what the statistics and surveys from other credible sources and news, it is safe to say that Japan is recovering from its losses since the global crisis. Economic growth appears to have strengthened momentum at the outset of the year as a relatively weak yen and strong global demand fueled activity in the all-important external sector.

Given that there are uncertainties—with the addition of different events that gives the global market a slight change of phase, Japan poised to have a gradual yet steady economic growth, which gives the country the road—and the right track to economic recovery.

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