Investing In Forex


Why Should You Consider Trading with FTO Capital

FTO Capital is one of the leading Brokerage platforms in the financial market, we not only give our clients a chance to trade but we also make sure that our clients will have the best experience when using our platform, offering them security, reliability and functionality.

We aim to help you reach your potential in the trading industry so we provide our clients with tools that are designed to each client’s needs. This is the next generation of online financial trading and we are here to help your along your journey to the top of the trading industry.

Security of your Funds

FTO Capital is puts our clients’ safety into top priority, because we value you as much as you value your hard earned money, this why we guarantee that your funds are given the utmost security. We came up with a complex safety and security procedure that enables us to fully secure your funds. Our platform has SAS 70 certified server centers that power up our trading servers and our platform work under a shielded connection where data is transferred to and from our encrypted servers and is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and a complex firewall.

Your funds are segregated into accounts, this is a European financial regulation that we strictly follow. The client funds must be separated from the Company’s funds and is tracked regular. The company also follows the Vanguard Safety Framework which is the most meticulous of all protocols.

Online Forex College

From e-Books to Videos to Online Tutorials you name it. We have every possible means of educating our clients in order to be well versed in the financial market because we know that the trading industry can be confusing, we provide our clients with educational materials that will help them understand the financial market further.

There is no harm in knowing more especially in the financial market, so we make these materials available to our clients for free, so you can access it anytime and anywhere you want to brush up on your trading skills

Customer Support 

The FTO Capital have a team of well trained and the most accommodating customer support service who are dedicated to help you with your concerns. The FTO Capital Customer Service Support will cater to you questions regarding the platform and will help you in any way they can so you could worry less about minor things so you can focus on trading.

The Platform

The company uses the most advanced trading platform there is in the market so it guarantees our clients with ease of access and functionality in their trades. The platform is also made accessible through smart phones without even downloading the app so our clients can trade anytime and anywhere they want, as long as they are connected to the internet. FTO Capital uses the MetaTrader4 so it keeps our clients updated with the latest market trends that will help in the decision making in the financial market.